✨Chainlens versions

Explore Chainlens, the blockchain explorer, featuring Hosted and Developer editions. Sign up now for the Hosted edition or try out the Developer edition for free.

Chainlens comes in two editions:

  • Hosted

  • Developer edition

It's also available on-prem or in your cloud subscription, but we encourage you to contact us via email or here if you'd like to go with either of these options.

Hosted edition

The hosted edition is deployed and managed by the Chainlens team, and is priced based on the transaction volumes in your network.

It can be white-labelled using your own branding and hosted under your own custom domain.

You can sign up here.

Developer edition

A feature-limited, developer edition of Chainlens is available for evaluation purposes.

It is made available via GitHub repository located here.

It allows you to run up a Chainlens instance using Docker Compose or Kubernetes orchestration.

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