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Chain syncing


Chainlens provides node synchronisation information.

Synchronisation status

The Status navigation menu item displays a visual indicator of the synchronisation status. This is the synchronisation of the blockchain data held in Chainlens against the blockchain network node it is connected to.
The Status menu item
The Status menu item displays a dot next to it which is colour either blue, red, amber or green. The different colours indicate the following status of data synchronisation from Chainlens against the blockchain node it's connected to.
  • Blue: Chainlens is loading its status
  • Red: Chainlens is unable to access the blockchain node
  • Amber: Chainlens is currently syncing from the blockchain node
  • Green: Chainlens is in sync with blockchain node
To get more information on the syncing status, you can hover over the new Status menu item to see this.
Hovering over the Status menu item
This menu show the latest block on the underlying blockchain, and the last block Chainlens has successfully indexed.
When a new block is created Chainlens must index it
In the above image, block 8,415,000 was the most recent block on the Goerli blockchain, it takes a brief moment to process the 102 transactions in the block.
Chainlens will quickly index the new block
At this point, the syncing status automatically updates to show we’re fully synced.
This feature is also supported on mobile devices.
The syncing status on mobile